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In Baguio City 101: A Gray and Cozy Day

By Egon Catral

With the city’s countless sights to see, food to taste, and drinks to give a shot, you will never run out of things to do and experience. But what might make your visit to the famous city of pines something you can really sit back and think about after five or ten years? For countless tourists, they might mention the local delicacies you can never find anywhere else in the country. For some people, it is the hospitality of the locals. It might also be art, crafts, and music for several individuals. But for me, it is something that I happen to witness and be a part of each and every day.

Growing up in the city, I have found several landmarks and tourist attractions that have stood the test of time and have been part of the city’s financial and economic growth. I have sampled the food and drinks most restaurants and shops have offered. But there was still something about the city - a natural phenomenon - that bested even the tastiest treats and the fanciest bar setups. That would be the weather.

So it happened when I least anticipated it - it was the perfect day for a stroll around the city. The cast: me, the skies of gray, and my phone. The setting: a city engulfed by mist. The premise: a worthwhile stroll while savoring the famous weather. I packed everything I needed, took a quick shower, and headed out immediately - you could take in the fresh scent of pine trees and petrichor that washed over most of the mountain resort. It was at this time that I took a started my walk.

Up at the Mall (Baguio City)

I found myself waltzing around the cool and open areas in one of the most well-known malls in the city that stood upon a historic hill. The best part about it was that I was not alone while doing so. There were countless locals who also took advantage of the misty weather. Like me, they were covered from head to toe in bonnets, coats and other articles of clothing so they could beat the chill. You wouldn't want to find yourself anywhere in the city without a sweater or coat in this kind of weather. I purchased a fresh cup of coffee, took a few photos with my phone, and headed my merry way.

At the Park

The last part of my stroll took me to Burnham Park. Not gonna lie, the place looked even better than the postcards and online shots once you had the chance to be actually there. The thing was, most areas of the park would have been jam-packed with tourists and locals alike during this time of the day. But due to the weather being gloomy and all, I could not blame them for staying in their warm and cozy homes. But alas, more for me!

By the Lake

The last leg of my stroll got me to Burnham Lake. There were a few boat-goers here and there when I arrived, but mostly, the setting was calm unlike most days. I couldn’t help myself, so I took a ton of pictures with my smartphone to savor the moment.

I would be lying if I told you guys that I wouldn’t pick up my phone and take another one of these strolls should the weather present itself. The City of Baguio has been my home for more than twenty years, and the misty weather is something I could not get enough of no matter what I would do. It had - and still has - this magical feeling for me that I might take a thousand articles and blog pieces to explain. Yes, you could have one heck of a time in the city with all its good food, art, and music, and dozens of other things to do, but the crisp weather is something anyone – a tourist or local - shouldn't miss.

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