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A Trip to Fayu Temple (Package trip to Palawan)

By Mia Martinez

One day, our teacher assigned us the task of exploring nearby tourist destinations in the city. While most of my classmates chose destinations a few kilometers away from school, my group decided to venture a bit further.

Our goal was to be in a Chinese Temple also known as Palawan Fayu Temple. There are two Fayu temples in the Philippines, one in Manila and the other in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Chinese Culture in Palawan

Like many places in the Philippines, Palawan is imbued with Chinese culture. There's a Chinese school and a bustling Chinese marketplace where Chinese New Year is celebrated annually.

Compared to the bustling downtown area, the outskirts of Puerto Princesa City are refreshingly close to nature, which my group and I found pretty enjoyable. After a journey of less than an hour, we finally arrived at the Palawan Fayu Temple around 1:30 in the afternoon. The atmosphere was very calm.

The first thing that caught our attention was the mini lion statues guarding the entrance. The gate was of medium size and adorned with Chinese characters on both sides. From there, the temple was visible, as if it had been designed to stand prominently in front of the gate.

After listing our names, we were granted permission to explore. We encountered only two individuals: the caretaker and the guard. Because it was noon and there was a nice breeze, they both looked a bit sleepy and we feel shy to ask questions about the temple. However, the caretaker kindly reminded us to maintain a calm atmosphere. We spent less than an hour capturing pictures and memories before bidding farewell to the temple.

Fayu Temple is a unique place to go in Palawan. It's a genuine temple on the Philippine Peninsula, a testament to the serene way of life in Palawan, regardless of one's race or culture. If you incline such attractions, I wholeheartedly recommend adding the Palawan Fayu Temple to your itinerary and wishing you all a happy Package trip to palawan!

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