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Luna and San Juan, La Union: A Rocky Worthwhile Experience

By Mark Jupiter

Beaches are usually one of the places people come and go for recreational activities and leisure. In La Union, there are a lot of aesthetically pleasing destinations one can go to. Luna is known for its pebble beaches, particularly in Nalvo Sur and Darigayos. There are several resorts, hotels, and cottages to accommodate people. Luna, La Union is 301 kilometers from Metro Manila.

Usually, beaches are thought to be sandy. In this particular beach in Luna, it is made out of rocks. Hence, the name Pebble Beach. You can enjoy the scenery while walking on stones, which gives your feet a nice massage. In some areas, it will be challenging to swim since these rocks also get washed ashore, and it will be painful to get hit by a stone from waves in the water. However, in some areas, it is possible to swim in these waters, especially in areas with low tide. A seagrass bed can be seen during low tide, and it contains so much life. Fishes, sea urchins, shrimps, and crabs are more likely to be caught in these low-tide areas.

Besides the natural beaches, since Luna is known for its pebble beach, there is also an Art Gallery named Bahay na Bato. It is an open gallery where you can see a lot of stone-inspired art from various artists. The floor, walls, and almost everything are made of stone. The place is aesthetically pleasing for one's Instagram stories. Some souvenirs are being sold in the area. There is an entrance fee of 50 pesos per person, and it is enjoyable with friends and family.

Luna is one of the best places in La Union, with great beaches. If you are tired of the sandy beaches, then Luna's Pebble Beach is the one that fits right into your vacation bucket list.

Making the Most at the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines, San Juan La Union

In the Northern part of the Philippines, it also has some of its beaches that are considered one of the best to go to due to its strong waves, surfing conditions, and aesthetic scenery. San Juan, La Union, is located 276 kilometers from Metro Manila. It is known for its intermediate-quality surf and two surfing seasons from July to October and November to March. Many tourists and locals travel to it due to the various recreational activities that can be done in the area. The famous spot everybody goes to is Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union.

Surfing is for more than just the professionals. Hobbygoers and beginners can also do it. In fact, some people in the area give surfing lessons for a price. They will teach you the basics of surfing and how to go alone in the water. Similar to surfing, paddleboards, and kayaking can be done.

If watersports may not be your thing and you want to avoid dipping in the water, activities such as beach volleyball, jogging, shell collecting, and more are also fun to do in the beach area during the day. Food stalls are also present with many dishes to choose from.

The place also is available for people who like to party. During the evening, the Tavern by the Sea, a building that houses food establishments and bars, is present. They serve alcoholic beverages all day and all night long. There are also live band performances. The food they serve is diverse. From Filipino street food to Western cuisine, there is much to choose from that pairs well with your San Miguel Beer.

San Juan is a place for everyone who wants to take a break from the busy urban metro or reconnect with nature and meet new people. When going to San Juan, the best time would be if it wouldn't be on a holiday since the beach might be crowded during those times.

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