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One of the Most Relaxing Travel Destination in Puerto Princesa Palawan

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

By A.M. Martinez


My friends and I decided to explore outside the city. Since stories about Yamang Bukid were frequently highlighted by locals, especially before and during summer, because of its beautiful flower beds and diverse plant varieties, we thought, why not plan a trip?

Fascinating Insights about Yamang Bukid (Puerto Princesa Palawan)

Yamang Bukid stands as one of the most refreshing tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa Palawan. This 1.2-hectare farm is known for its wide variety of plants and animals, making it perfect for those who love nature and rural vibes. It's also an emerging eco-tourism spot in Palawan, focused on protecting the environment and supporting local farmers and products.

eco-tourism spot in Palawan
Yaman Budik Palawan

On the Way

Getting to Yamang Bukid is easy—just a 45-minute drive from the city by van. But in our case, we traveled by motorcycle, and it took more than an hour. Perhaps the reason why it took us that long is because we were constantly chatting during the trip. We even sang along. Things that friends usually do.

Along the way, we enjoy the lush greenery and mountainous scenery of Palawan, offering a break from city life. And upon arrival, the friendly staff greeted us with sweetened turmeric tea, and we even spot a mime artist adding a unique touch to our visit.

The Wonders that Await You at the Farm

The farm proudly hosts a rich diversity of plant species, including shrubs and herbs, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and botanical explorers alike.

One of the highlights of Yamang Bukid were its expansive flower beds. The picturesque views amidst the flowers provide the perfect backdrop for Instagram posts and stories. Among the most frequently photographed are the towering sunflowers, reaching heights of about 4 meters.

Alongside the wide variety of plants, the farm also houses a range of livestock, including chickens, fish, goats, and other animals, providing visitors with an authentic rural life experience.

Puerto Princesa Palawan

A Farm with the Heart

For foodies, the farm serves dishes made from freshly picked ingredients, grown by local farmers who now working there. Yamang Bukid is known for supporting the community and giving these farmers a platform to showcase their products. Moreover, the lack of an entrance fee (yes, no entrance fee) makes this travel destination accessible to all. If you're seeking a cost-effective and worthwhile destination in Palawan, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Final Thoughts

Yamang Bukid is not just a tourist spot— it's a farm that gives back to the community and inspires hope among independent farmers. A visit here is not only worthwhile but also incredibly rejuvenating. it's a farm with a big heart. When planning your visit to Palawan, make sure to include Yamang Bukid in your itinerary offering a relaxing and heartwarming experience that's worth including in your travel plans.

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