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Updated: Oct 24, 2023

By Noralyn Ocampo

I cannot express my feelings as I knew I would be riding the newest and largest party yacht in Boracay Island. The yacht boasts its maximum capacity of 100 pax but only caters 60-70 pax to maximize the space and for the people to enjoy roaming around the yacht. This is my first time riding a yacht in my whole life, ever! Our meeting place is at Bolabog Beach, also known as (Back Beach) where all of the water activities are. Before we got to the Red Whale Yacht we went to a restaurant first to eat our lunch at around 11 am until 12 noon. We availed the Sunset Cruise which usually starts at 2pm until 6pm. After having lunch, the speed boat (also known as Baby Red Whale) is there waiting for us to ride as it will be our transportation going to Red Whale Yacht.

The Red Whale Yacht was magnificent! As we came closer we felt exceptional due to their staff waving and welcoming us at their own effort. It really amazed me and for me it was a heartwarming welcome. The yacht also includes water activities such as Paddle Boarding, Crystal Kayaking, Snorkeling, Water Sliding and Cliff Diving where your peers and families can revel in without worries because there's a free instructor ensuring your safety. You can savor scrumptious foods and fruits (also known as pika-pika) that are wonderfully tasteful, and you could discover bliss in every sip with the drinks that have mixed alcohol (cocktails). Some drinks are just mocktails that are perfectly blended with refreshing citrus which can be given to kids and young adults. You can enjoy all of these without limits. And that's not just what I'm amazed with, because they also have an onboard babysitter to take care of the children while the parents enjoy the yacht.

The best part about riding a yacht is waiting for the sunset as you indulge every moment at Red Whale's rooftop beach bed or sun bathing bed (bed net). As the onboard DJ plays music non stop, or you can play water gun along with the staff to have more fun.

If you're planning a trip to Boracay, one of my most recommended water activities is definitely riding the largest yacht in Boracay island called Red Whale! It is totally different from the usual yacht I've ever seen and the most unforgettable thing that happened in our lives! We really enjoyed every moment we spent there.

Have you ever ridden on a yacht before? This is a must try. Share your experience with us now!

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