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The Northern Blossom Farm: Petals Kissed by Northern Skies

by April Mycenae Blossoming in the heart of the North, The Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet, has become one of the must-visit destinations for those traveling to the Cordillera Region.

It is a 2-hour travel from Baguio City. The picturesque landscapes filled with a variety of colorful floras, with the added backdrop of the stunning Cordillera mountains, make the farm a famous tourist spot.

📌Variety of Flowers: The farm boasts a range of flowers, many of which are not typically seen in the country's lowlands due to the unique, cooler climate of Atok. Some of the flowers you can see include snapdragons, larkspurs, sunflowers, and many others. Cabbage roses are one of Northern Blossom's main attractions; they are actual cabbage but look like large, layered roses.

📌Breathtaking Scenery: The farm is located more than 2,000 meters above sea level. The altitude, coupled with Benguet's cool climate, makes it ideal for flowers that can't thrive in the warmer parts of the country. The mesmerizing view of Mt. Pulag, Luzon's highest peak, is one of the best views from the farm and makes the travel worthwhile.

📌Temperature: Because of its high altitude, the temperature in Atok can be pretty chilly; it can drop as low as 8 degrees Celsius, especially during the 'ber months (September-December). Make sure to bring jackets!

📌Operating Hours: Open from Monday- Saturday, 6:00 am to 4:30 pm. 📌Entrance Fee: For adults, the entrance fee is Php250.00; for seniors/PWD is Php200.00; for kids aged 0-5 is free entrance. The entrance fee includes bread and coffee.

📌Eco-Tourism: The Northern Blossom Flower Farm is an excellent example of how eco-tourism can benefit local communities. The influx of tourists provides a source of income for locals while also highlighting the importance of preserving the area's natural beauty.

As with any popular tourist destination, there's always a concern about the environmental impact of increased foot traffic. Visitors must be mindful of their surroundings, avoid littering, and respect the locals.

Visit The Northern Blossom Farm and experience the beauty of the North!

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