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Things I love to do in Burnham Park Baguio

By Mau Jularbal

Considered one of the most well-known parks in the entire Philippines, Burnham Park Baguio is a place that tourists would always never want to miss. It is not just because of its beauty that they have been in awe, but also because of how it was designed. There are 12 main areas in the park where tourists can enjoy and relax with their families. Some of those I love are Picnic Grove, Rose Garden, and Burnham Lagoon.

Originally from Legazpi City in Albay, where Mayon Volcano is situated, I have been in Baguio for only eight months now as of the writing. Ever since I came here, my favorite spot to visit is Burnham Park. I am also one of those who love to roam around the lagoon, watch people doing Zumba, witness families having their picnic, and many more. To see those things makes my heart flutter a bit and kind of like relieves that homesickness that I sometimes feel. There are indeed a lot of things that tourists can do in Burnham Park, but there are some that excel for me that I would surely recommend.

Ride with Family and Friends (Burnham Park Baguio)

Riding a bicycle or kart sure has a lot of benefits to the body, especially when it comes to one’s nervous system. So why not stroll around Burnham Park with those 4-wheeled, 2-wheeled, or a single-wheeled kart with your friends and families? The prices would depend on how big the kart is and how long the rider will be going to use it. Usually ranging from P50 to P125 and that is per 30 minutes each.

Enjoy a Boat Ride in the Famous Burnham Lagoon

Burnham Lagoon is the heart of Burnham Park. That is why, your visit to Burnham will never be complete without riding any of the boats in it. So be sure to add this to your itinerary as it would not just give you a good memory, but also a good Instagramable picture as well. Prices for this range from P200 to P300, depending on the size and the capacity of the boat you will rent.

Taste the Local’s Dirty Strawberry Ice Cream and Strawberry Taho

Aside from produce like kakanin, ube, and walis tambo, Baguio is also known for strawberries and other products of such. Two of those products that I love the most are their Dirty Strawberry Ice Cream and Strawberry Taho. The prices for these products may be a bit costly but it is worth it especially if you want something sweet and unique. Aside from strawberry, there are also other ice cream flavors like avocado. For taho, on the other hand, they also have original and ube flavor, which you will also love. A definitely must-try.

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Lanilane Ocbina
Lanilane Ocbina
Oct 09, 2023

Love and miss Burnham park and the whole Baguio city!

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