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Touie's Adventures in Malapascua Island

By Princess Baring

Hey there! Before I jump into my adventures, let me introduce myself. I'm Touie, a curious and adventurous little one. Some say I look like Totoro, but I'm not so sure about that. In a world full of wonders, join me as I explore the amazing destinations in the Philippines with my two incredible moms. Together, we'll take you on unique and exciting local trips and share our travel stories.

Our journey began when my mom went to Cebu to reunite with my other mom after being months apart. So, in a way, I was the third wheel! It was late August, a time when tropical places often experience rain showers. Despite the weather, we decided to visit the beautiful Malapascua Island. You might wonder why we chose this season, but let me tell you, adventure and time don’t wait for the weather.

my pet

We woke up at 5 a.m., excited about the day ahead. Our morning began with preparations, and soon we were on our way from our house to the North Bus Terminal near SM City Cebu. We hopped into a van for a 3-hour and 30-minute journey to Maya port. By the time we arrived, it was already 11 a.m., and we were eager to start our island adventure. We paid the environmental and boat ride fees upon arrival, ready to set sail.

However, our plans took an unexpected turn. The Coast Guard delayed our trip due to strong winds. We found ourselves waiting for an hour and a half. To make the most of the delay, we decided to grab a meal at a nearby eatery. Around 2 p.m., we finally got the green light to proceed. The boat waiting for us was larger than the usual ones, crewed by three determined young men. There were about 20 passengers. We were provided life jackets, which added to our sense of safety as we set off into the open sea.


As we sailed, the strong winds made us a bit queasy, and I could tell my moms and the other passengers felt the mix of excitement and nervousness too. After 40 minutes of navigating the challenging waters, we were relieved to see the island's port ahead. Little did we know, our true adventure awaited just before reaching the shore.

The waves grew larger, and the wind intensified. The boat's attempts to dock were thwarted by nature's power. "Go there!" I heard the captain instruct his crew. They went to the boat's front and began rowing against the wind, but their efforts were in vain. "Everyone, to the center of the boat!" the captain urgently commanded. In a moment of shared apprehension, everyone sprang into action, bracing ourselves for the unexpected challenges that lay ahead. My moms held each other as the boat swayed from side to side. The worries and fears on the faces of our fellow passengers mirrored our own. The turbulent journey felt endless, but finally, the boat crew's relentless efforts paid off as we safely docked.

calm weather

Stepping onto the concrete port of the island, we were immediately captivated by its beauty. Despite the inclement weather, the pristine, powdery sand glistened beneath our feet. Warm smiles and curious questions from the locals greeted us, instantly replacing our worries and fears with excitement and anticipation. We made our way from the port to our booked accommodation, Malapascua Starlight Resort. Fortunately, we were met by Kuya Aloy, a friendly local who offered island-hopping services. After a brief chat, he shared his contact number and departed.

The resort was a sight to behold. Its spacious grounds were impeccably maintained, and its location couldn't have been better, with numerous convenience stores and restaurants nearby. The resort's staff welcomed us warmly and quickly assisted with our check-in. Before escorting us to our room, they asked about our journey and shared stories about the island.

villa in malapascua island

Our room was clean and featured a cozy queen-size bed, the perfect place to rest after the eventful day we had experienced. After settling in, we drifted into a peaceful slumber. When we woke up, it was already dark, and the island had a peaceful, dreamy atmosphere. It was late at night, and our hungry stomachs reminded us it was time for dinner. We ventured outside to find food but were disappointed to discover that the restaurants had closed because it was past 9 p.m. Undeterred, we decided to grab some food and drinks from a nearby store. Back in our room, we enjoyed a simple dinner we put together with what we had.

The rest of the evening was calm and relaxing. From our balcony, we gazed up at the starry sky, listening to the soothing sounds of ocean waves and the chirping of crickets. It was a moment of pure peace and a wonderful way to end our first day on the beautiful island paradise.

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