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Tourist Attraction in Baguio: Unparalleled Natural Beauty of Baguio city

By Jaberson Bote


Summer Capital of the Philippines

A mountainous tourist attraction in Baguio located in the northern part of the Philippines. The city that captivated the hearts of the locals and tourists because of its natural beauty, is a place also known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” with its cool and refreshing climate. Throughout the year, Baguio has been a popular destination for those seeking relief from the tropical heat. Aside from a cool and calming vibe, Baguio also shares cultural richness, fresh and delicious food, exciting activities and friendly people.

Baguio was also known for its iconic natural attraction

colorful houses in baguio

Burnham Park (Tourist attraction in Baguio)

a lush green oasis in the heart of the city, an IG-worthy manmade lake, a colorful flower garden, and numerous recreational facilities. You’ll get tired and hungry, don’t worry food kiosk can be seen around the area.

iconic tourist spot

Camp John Hay

an iconic tourist spot a former military facility that offers several activities for family and friends. A treetop adventure, a yellow trail, a picnic area, and many more. There are several must-try restaurants around this area as well as Le Chef, Choco-late de Batirol and another famous restaurant. Or you can bring your own food and find a good spot at the picnic area.

baguio at night

Botanical Garden

a colorful park with abundant flowers and plants, you can also visit one of the most beautiful public restrooms according in one magazine, located inside the garden.

botanical garden

Mirador Heritage and Park

one of the new and top tourist attractions with its relaxing vibe and Instagrammable photos. Located in Mirador Hills beside Lourdes Grotto. The best time to visit this place is afternoon so you can see the majestic sunset.

friends in baguio

Visiting Baguio will not be completed without dining in different cuisine. from local delicacies to other countries' famous food, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

night life

At night, baguio never sleeps. Night market one of the most visited places were you can find cheap clothes and dig into several comfort food at the food park.

If you want quiet, relaxing and romantic place, there are plenty of restaurants outside the city and takes you about a 10-15min drive. I highly recommend Via Von Joy, the first time we visited the place it was the view and the food that makes us wanted to go back again.

You can also try the Nature Vibe restaurant in tuba Benguet along the marcos highway. Their smoked chicken is a must-try.


You may visit Manduto Café on Asin Road at the heart of Pinewoods Golf Course. You have a view of the golf course and if you look up, you will see the city lights. You can also play golf even at night.

Surely you’ll get tired with the whole day of walking around the city and trying the best food you see. I suggest take time to relax visit Pooten Hot Springs located in Brgy Asin, it’ll take you a 30-minute drive. It's a quick escape from the cold weather in the city. Calm and very relaxing.

night time at baguio city

After that, you can go back and enjoy another day wandering around the city. I hope you experience all of this and more when you visit the place that captures my heart.

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